About us ?

F&M is looking for a solution to a problem that affects 80% of the world’s population: back pain.

Forever Magnetic specializes in the development and manufacture of innovative magnetic products.

Our models are practical, design and discreet to be worn in all circumstances.

In a global approach, we are committed to fostering local partnerships for the development of our products.

l'équipe Forever Magnetic, couple et associés

Forever Magnetic is born of 2 creators, Florie and Michael LAURENT married and associated.

After various professional experiences, this couple wants to create for years a society together.

Florie holds a double degree in psychology and human resources.

She has been the director of a specialist magnetotherapy store (antalgic, anti-inflammatory, draining and circulatory virtues).

Michael holds a DUT marketing techniques. He was also a professional basketball player for many years. He conjugated high level sport and trade for 15 years.

In 2016, following a car accident, Florie has a disability at the shoulder level of 2%. Chronic pain appears and does not leave her anymore.

The criteria were as follows:

* Be able to put it on your own, easy to put on and take off.

* That it is pleasant, discreet and stylish.

* Cover the area of shoulders, trapezius, dorsal and lumbar.

* No direct contact with the skin to avoid the risk of allergies.

* Can be worn day and night.

* Easy to wash and dry.

They created and developed the first magnetic t-shirt to calm and reduce back and shoulder pain.

The TM32 combines the quality of compression textiles and the virtues of magnetic therapy.