The T-Shirt that naturally relieves your pain

French innovation: The TM 32 Magnetic T-shirt

The “TM32” was developed by combining the quality of compression textiles and the benefits of Magnetotherapy.

Magnetotherapy is the use of magnets for therapeutic purposes. The magnetic field of the magnets penetrates the tissues deeply to act on the blood circulation, the muscles and the joints.

This energy therapy is recognized for its antalgic, anti-inflammatory, draining and circulatory properties.

Created with an acupuncturist, enjoy the ideal positioning of 32 magnets directly integrated in the T-shirt on the pain points: shoulders, trapezius, back and lumbar.

Its compressive cut and its second skin effect perfectly matches your movements.

Its discreet V-neck allows you to wear it daily and in all circumstances.

Can be worn day or night.

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According to the World Health Organization, 80% of people in the world will have back pain at some point in their lives. Low back pain is the leading cause of disability before the age of 45.

Relieve the pain of everyday life Reduces tension due to transport, repetitive gestures, heavy loads. We spend an average of 8 hours a day while sitting

Powerful analgesic, anti-inflammatory. Directed with an acupuncturist, Sleep deeper and more more restful sleep. Facilitates muscular and articular awakening.

Natural therapy, draining and circulating. Ideal for athletes in prevention during trips and for the preparation of the body and recovery after exercise, drainage, elimination of toxins, body aches.

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Pack of 4 Therapeutic Magnet Duo Wands

Discover our new product !

Pack of 4 Therapeutic Magnet Duo Wands

F&M therapeutic wands are ready to use. Composed of a North magnet and a South magnet, they create a magnetic field which will penetrate your tissues deeply to relieve pain points and act on blood circulation, muscles and joints.

Target your pain and apply the wands on it to relieve yourself!

DUO Pack

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CELYNE G HR consultant 39 years old, (64)

I was rather skeptical at first, but it is clear that the TM32 has an extremely positive effect on my body. I use it as a cure for 10 days in a row and I feel a clear improvement in my sleep, it is indeed more peaceful and restorative. Magnets also have a positive effect on my dorsal and cervical tensions by allowing optimal recovery of muscles after exercise. I really thank the Forever Magnetic team for giving me the opportunity for such a discovery.

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Aurélie D. home childminders (69)

Totally convinced by the TM 32 compressive magnetic shirt! Finally a natural solution. I often suffer from back pain. Working with children my back and often solicited. Since buying the t-shirt TM 32 my life has changed. He relieved me in just a few hours. I can wear it day and night. Ultra discreet (I sometimes forget that I wear it) and invisible, I wear it under blouses. I thank Forever Magnetic for creating this revolutionary TM 32 t-shirt!

femme tenant un enfant par la main

Lionel A. 35 years old (01) key account manager.

After days where I feel tension and / or fatigue, I put the t-shirt for the evening and that’s not enough I sleep with. We feel refreshed and brand new, besides I recommended it to a few people and already 3 have also bought and are delighted. I strongly recommend it to unload all the “too full” of everyday life.

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Aurélie R. Responsible for insurance clients. (69)

“Having been diagnosed with scoliosis for more than 15 years with orthopedic treatment (plaster and corset), my scoliosis has been reduced, but the pain remains persistent.” Thanks to the TM32 teeshirt that I wear every night, I felt a sense of peace, serenity and lightness.”


Pierre B. LDLC Technical Director Asvel. (69)

Since I put this t shirt I sleep like a baby. Before I woke up several times in the night, now I’m doing the complete night and when I get up in the morning, I’m in great shape, I’m ready, to attack to spend my day thoroughly. Thank you very much F & M for making me discover this t shirt that is wonderful !!

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Sylvain V. Business Engineer. (69) 39 years

I use the TM32 for my sports activities (running, cycling, sheathing ..). The compression combined with the magnets and their positions induce an optimal posture more natural and therefore a better performance and less pain during and after the effort. The recovery is faster and a warm up (nice and light) is felt. When used at night, sleep is deeper and more restorative, no pain when lifting as before. The only concern is to have only one!

chargé d affaire

Julie D. Nurse. (06).

I have been practicing nursing for 11 years now, in liberal practice for 6 years. I am prone to various lumbar back pain and brachial tendinitis in recent years. I wear the TM32 one day out of two during my work weeks and I have since seen a clear decrease in my back pain and my tendonitis. My only regret not to have bought a second so you can wear it every day!

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