How to relieve Osteoarthritis naturally?

homme marchant de dos avec le tshirt magnétique pour soulager l'arthrose de manière naturelle

Osteoarthritis, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, names that we hear every day for many diseases and joint disorders.Some explanations to better understand osteoarthritis! In Greek, the term “arthron” refers to the joints. We can therefore understand that all the words in “arthr” correspond to rheumatological pathologies which all translate more or less by articular pains.


osteoarthritisIt is the most common joint disease. The first symptoms usually appear from 40-50 years, but the disease often starts much earlier in life.Osteoarthritis is widespread and results from the breakdown of cartilage that covers the ends of the bones that interlock at the joints.It affects millions of people in France, it is even more common as we get older and can occur more quickly when the joints have been heavily solicited.This is a frequent phenomenon among high-level athletes or manual workers.Osteoarthritis can reach the fingers as well as the spine (cervicarthrosis, dorsarthrosis …), knees (knee osteoarthritis), hip (hip osteoarthritis) …It is more common in women than in men and tends to evolve faster among them.Osteoarthritis is a degeneration of cartilage joints without infection or particular inflammation.


There are, however, forms with an inflammatory component and many patients have sporadic flare-ups.This degeneration leads to a more or less rapid destruction of the cartilage which coats the ends of the bones.Anatomically, this destruction is accompanied by a bone proliferation under the cartilage.During cartilage destruction, small pieces of cartilage can become detached and “float” in the joint pouch.They are then the cause of mechanical inflammatory attacks that result in hypersecretion of fluid and swelling of the joint.


Schematically, we can consider that osteoarthritis is the result:

• abnormal physical stresses on normal cartilage;

• Normal physical stresses on abnormal cartilage;

• The conjunction of the two previous situations.


The main risk factors that we can mention:

• General: age, weight, menopause, as well as other rheumatism.

• Genetics: the concept of familial osteoarthritis is present for arthrosis of the knee, hip and hand;

• Local :

o Significant or repetitive trauma (hard work, violent sports, meniscus injury …);

o Position abnormality of the joint (scoliosis type, malformation of the hip)

o Other localized bone or joint diseases (sequelae of arthritis, sequelae of fractures).


How to relieve yourself?

Resting the painful joint is essential during painful periods.

However, this rest should not be too prolonged, because it is then all the more difficult to remobilize the joint in question.

Outside very painful periods, a moderate exercise is recommended: “The good treatment is the movement”

Weight loss greatly increases the comfort of patients. It has been shown that weight loss in overweight OA patients delays the progression of the disease.

The magnetic field of the magnets is a precious help to naturally relieve these pains.Magnetotherapy is known for its draining, circulatory, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Therapeutic magnets provide natural, non-doping, non-chemical and non-medicated help.

That’s why the TM32 Magnetotherapy T-Shirt is perfectly suited as a natural solution. Indeed, it is composed of 16 sticks of 32 magnets neodymium of 12000 gauss which are strategically positioned on the area of trapezius, cervical, shoulders, column and lumbar dorsal. Realized in collaboration with an acupuncturist, it acts on the daily pains, as well as on energy balance, digestion and sleep.


Retired 72 years, osteoarthritis crippled, my daughter gave me this T-shirt to relieve me. I was really skeptical…very skeptical. Moreover when I tried it, I wondered if I was going to support it since it is very compressive. But once put on, first surprise, I feel comfortable because it is very comfortable to wear. Then, I felt some itching and tingling and even a feeling of cold in some places. There I was reassured, it was normal so I continued to wear it for a few days (day and night). the pains have faded, what happiness to get up each morning without any effort and after a good night’s sleep. Currently, i wear it only at night, but if problem i postpone the day… I manage my pain. I thank my daughter for giving it to me. I recommend it very strongly !

Dominique P. Retired (69).