The testimony of a professional: Masseur Physiotherapist, Ostheopath, Physical Trainer. (69)

Julien Aldeguer

In kinesitherapy magnetic fields have been used for a long time via shortwave machines and pulsed magnetic fields that can relieve inflammatory pain as well as chronic pain such as osteoarthritis. It is true that for fifteen years the high-level sport has tried to appropriate this magnetic field to introduce Magnets in knee or ankle protection and now in the textile. I think that a sociological change in sport that is both becoming more and more democratic and more technological (you only have to see the outfits of people who run at your leisure !!!) data (connected watches …) and textile technology are important (socks with collar cover …) These changes affect the awareness of the public and industry for these so-called alternative or parallel techniques that like Magnets are easy to use. I personally tried this T-Shirt TM32 and he quickly convinced me. I work with my top athletes using this textile. I found that with the athletes it helped me to reduce the pains and aches of a pushed training. I found the approach of F&M interesting because they introduced the magnets in a textile close to the body that can serve both for the sport of high level but also for the average patient. “

masseur kinesitherapeute preparateur physique