Magnetotherapy and sports

Sport is one of the favorite uses of magnetotherapy.

Its benefits are many : 

· Before : They can be used preventively in areas of pain due to injuries, muscle contractures.

· During : Relief of pains, pains and hematomas associated with various injuries. 

· After : Recovery thanks to a contribution in energy, harmonization of the body.

Another advantage of magnets for athletes, they do not contain any chemical molecule and are therefore not doping. They naturally preserve the integrity of the cartilage by helping the body to perform the movements. Besides, is not this the slogan of the health insurance in France: “the good treatment is the movement!”? Magnetotherapy is therefore a valuable aid to relieve joint and muscle pain (lumbago, lumbago, back pain, neck pain, sciatica, arthritis, osteoarthritis, polyarthritis, epicondylitis, tennis elbow, tendonitis …). Discover the testimony of a sports trainer: Stéphane A. (44 years old).

“It’s been a few years already that I have to deal with everyday problems of back (damaged vertebral disc). This concern forces me to sleep in half sitting position or I will have short nights and not very restful.When I was offered the t-shirt TM32, I thought it was an opportunity to try a more natural method, more in line with a less medicinal philosophy of medicine. I did not expect such results!Indeed, in a very short time, during my travels I was able to use the t-shirt and spent nights sleeping without fear of tomorrow and increase my sleep by 25%! Before, such a better being, I used the TM32 in “recovery” mode after intensive training and again, I felt a clear decrease in aches related to sports activity! Congratulations F & M!

A real discovery that allows less spending on drugs and doctor’s sessions.”